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“We’re excited to see Tally Ho’s leadership make public goods funding a top priority from their DAO’s inception.”
Kevin Owocki
Gitcoin co-founder
“Tally Ho has been hard at work designing a DAO structure that is strong but nimble, and focuses on maximizing autonomy and agency while following a clear, scalable roadmap.”

Community Values

We believe that web3 should be:

Accessible to everyone
100% open source
Fully owned by the community

DAO Timeline

Tally Ho’s community has been building in public for over a year.
The on-chain DAO will launch in 2022.

January 2021Development begins on Tally Ho
August 2021Tally Ho is Publicly AnnouncedRead more
August 2021First Community Call
September 2021First Community POAPs created
December 2021Call for DAO Delegates (still open!)Read more
February 2022Tally Ho Commits 2.5% of Token Supply to Gitcoin AqueductRead more
March 2022Community Multisig DeployedRead more
May 2022DAO Structure ProposedRead more
Coming soonOn-chain DAO Launches

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