Keeping you
safe in web3.

Tally Ho combines bulletproof security and top-to-bottom transparency so you can explore web3 without having to worry.

Your keys,
your crypto.

Tally Ho is 100% self-custodial. Your private keys are secured on your computer and never leave your device.

to hide.

Our code is 100% open source and can be verified by anyone.

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Your privacy
stays safe.

No personal info is required to sign up, and Tally Ho never tracks your activity or addresses.

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Tally Ho has undergone review from the premiere security firms in web3.

Security Audits

The Tally Ho extension and smart contracts have been reviewed by the industry’s most respected security auditors.

Open ZeppelinAugust 2020Early prototype versions of Tally Swaps, Earn, and token contracts
Least AuthorityNovember 2021Wallet keyring
Code ArenaNovember 2021Swaps contracts

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